Keeping Girls in Class One Pad at a Time

About Us

The  ‘No Missing Periods Because of Periods’ Project, a girl-child program of Maisha Mapya Initiative (MMI) aimed at distributing sanitary towels  and underwear to under-privileged girls as part of the effort to increase female attendance in schools. An average girl misses at least 4 days of class due to her menses monthly, which is a sure threat to the realization of the gender equity and equality in education in Kenya.

Maisha Mapya (Swahili for New Life) Initiative (MMI) is a registered non-partisan active group of young Kenyans who place a premium on public service, social and economic development. Our main objective is to help young people discover talents and opportunities and use them to create a new life for themselves, those around them and therefore build a better future for the next generation.

However, we realize that these opportunities and talents are sometimes curtailed by problems beyond our control. Many girls, as the attached brief shows, miss the opportunity to fully compete with the rest of the class because they stay at home until the end of their monthly periods. At MMI, where such bottlenecks exist, we endeavor to remove them, hence the ‘No Missing Periods Because of Periods’ Project.


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