Keeping Girls in Class One Pad at a Time

300M for needy girls’ sanitary towels

Another Budget day!

For those of us who heard the Prime Minister promise a whooping 2.6B in this years budget for sanitary towels, you must admit it was quite unbelievable. Finally we were making big steps towards ensuring girls never miss school due to their menses..Was it a campaign promise? was he too ambitious?

Nonetheless, if you were waiting for the budget to be read to confirm, you must have been as disappointed as i was.

Treasury has allocated Ksh 300M for the 2012/2013 financial year to providing sanitary towels to girls from poor families .


” Finance Minister Njeru Githae said on Thursday that this would only benefit those in primary schools.“I urge honourable members and Kenyans at large to be fully involved to strictly ensure only deserving orphaned, poor and needy children benefit from these interventions,” he said in his budget statement.

Forget that the Prime Minister had requested 2.6B to be allocated to the cause. Ksh 300M is a drop in the ocean, compared to the need that we have in Kenya. What do we do about it? Do we sit down and wait for another financial year and see what the allocation will be? I don’t think so.

I am encouraged daily by the number of women working day and night to ensure we find a solution to access of sanitary towels to poor girls.

What can you do in your capacity? Join us at 1%Club as we try and raise funds to source and disctribute both disposable and re-usable towels to under privileged girls in our society.


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