Keeping Girls in Class One Pad at a Time

‘Adopt a Girl’ at our Fundraising Friday

Did you know the best thing you can give someone is a chance?

This Friday, Maisha Mapya Initiative will be run a fundraiser under the 1% Club platform where tweeps will share their knowledge,time or money to give under privileged girls an opportunity to stay in school to fully compete with the rest of the class because they stay at home until the end of their monthly periods. (


A recent study conducted by APHRC and the Division of Reproductive Health, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation shows that “because pads are not always available, girls and women in these communities are forced to use cotton wool, cloths (including socks), tissue paper, pages torn from school exercise books, and pieces of sponge torn from mattresses to manage their menstrual flow.”

How To ‘Adopt A Girl’

It costs Ksh 400  (US$ 5) to supply a girl with a whole year’s supply of sanitary towels. We are encouraging friends and family to take up the challenge and ‘adopt a girl’ for a whole year.

That does not mean that you cannot give less. Ksh 100 will ‘adopt a girl’ for a 3 months (quarter) Ksh 200 will ‘adopt a girl’ for 6 months.

You can also adopt more than one girl!!

The first phase is supplying 325 girls in Kamenu Primary School in Thika with a whole year supply of sanitary towels. The girls in this school turn to rags,pieces of cloths and chunks of mattresses  and other unorthodox methods ,in combination with a lack of accessible water supply,are unhygienic and potential harmful.

The second phase is to set up a workshop where we will be making re-usable sanitary towels for girls in rural areas. MMI together with the women in the communities will manufacture and distribute affordable, quality pads made from organic cotton.

Do you want to ‘adopt a girl’ now?

Go to the M-PESA Menu on your phone.

Select Pay Bill Option.

Enter the following business number: 510800.

Enter 1045 as the Account Number.

Enter the total amount you want to donate.

Enter your PIN and then send the money.

You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from M-PESA.

Click on this link to direct you to their 1%CLUB profile

Enter the returned M-PESA Transaction ID in the form on that page.

(you can alternatively forward the MPesa text to Kamaitha on 0707 178 946)


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