Keeping Girls in Class One Pad at a Time

Pad Heaven Re-Usable Sanitary Towels


Through the 1% Club , Maisha Mapya Initiative has initiated a project called ‘Pad Heaven’ to produce re-usable sanitary towels through girls and women in the rural areas.

The 1% Club  is the online marketplace that connects people with smart ideas in developing countries with people, money and knowledge around the world.

The project targets single women and girls and equips them with skills to produce the towels for their use and for sale to other members in the community which in turn becomes an income generating project for them.


‘Pad Heaven’ project aims to reduce absenteeism of girls from school and to empower girls to compete with the rest of the class and pursue their dreams.
The project will also enable women to earn a living and provide for their children especially the single mothers in the communities.

We also hope that this will discourage young girls from engaging from early se to get money to buy basics like sanitary towels.

Why Pad Heaven Re-Usable Towels

  • Made from organic cotton, the towels are durable
  • Since they are re-usable,they are environmental friendly
  • They are soft and comfortable thus causing less irritation.
  • they are ffordable

A packet of Pad heaven costs Ksh 400 and contains 4 towels both for normal flow and for heavy flow. They also come with an airtight bag for storage of the used towels.

The towels in the pack will last up to a year.



We also plan to train women and girls in the communities on the production, usage and hygiene maintenance of the reusable towels.

We will have professional designers and tailors to coach the girls on producing the sanitary towels.We will have a team that will help market and sell the towels to the community.

We hope that within 9 months, the project will be self sustaining.


Th need for sanitary pads can never be out of business because supply of sanitary pads is a never-ending demand –supply cycle prompting more creativity and aggressiveness from the producers.


The main challenges facing the ‘Pad Heaven’ project is water. Most communities do not have adequate water, while the reusable towels need a lot of water to clean and ensure it can be used the next


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